About Bill

Bill Corbett is a trusted advisor, consultant, mentor, coach, speaker, business turnaround expert, and entrepreneur.

He is a member of the Society for the Advancement of Consulting (SAC) and recently was awarded board approval as a "Trusted Advisor to CEOs and Top Executives with Alcohol and Drug Dependencies" for outstanding performance over a prolonged period of time.

Bill is a member in good standing of the Association for Addiction Professionals.

Bill has graduated from Alan Weiss's Million-Dollar Consulting CollegeŽ, a rare achievement in the consulting profession. He is one of fewer than 150 graduates globally. Admission to and graduation from the college is difficult and widely sought.

Bill's three year stint in the United States Marine Corps and 13 months in Viet Nam contributes to his "can-do" attitude and his gratitude for a life well lived - with a little time out for bad behavior.

Bill likes to say that he got his undergraduate degree in "Life 101" through his experience as a practicing alcoholic (he wrecked 12 cars and totaled six of those.). He then received his "masters' degree" in a record 28 days from the University of Harmony, an alcohol and drug treatment center. This "education" along with 30 years of being helped and helping hundreds of men and women in their recovery process, has honed Bill's unique style of working with people.

Bill shines in his role as a trusted advisor to CEOs and top executives with alcohol and drug dependencies. In partnership with his clients, he co-authors the best solution for fast and long lasting results.

Of the hundreds of men and women with whom Bill has had the honor of working, 80 - 85% have recovered from their alcohol or drug dependencies by reconstructing their lives in powerful ways. His experience is that CEOs and top executives have distinct advantages that result in a 90% recovery rate, once they commit to being recovered. Compare these results to statistics that indicate a national average recovery rate of 10 - 20%.

Bill also is a business turnaround expert who has restored a multitude of businesses to profitability. He specializes in creating and implementing simple and rapid solutions for complex problems. This expertise provides additional support to his CEO and top executive clients in their recovery process because of Bill's business skills that enable him to work with the client's direct reports.

Bill has over 35 year's business experience including:

  • Increased a 35-year-old company's bottom line best year by a factor of 7 in one year.
  • Created and implemented a strategic plan in a real estate development company that turned a $250,000 a year negative cash flow in to a $250,000 a year positive cash flow.
  • Created a start-up rental car company and became the franchisor's fastest growing franchisee within 10 months. He was the key note speaker at the company's national convention.

Bill has been president of the Loveland Jaycees and a board member of the Harmony foundation. He has been a volunteer facilitator at an alcohol and drug outpatient treatment center facilitating men's groups and couples groups.

Bill loves boxing but never learned to love the getting hit part, so he doesn't spar anymore. His boxing coach said he thought Bill could be champ in "The Fossil Division." Bill decided not to pursue that opportunity.

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