About Us

Bill Corbett is a trusted advisor, consultant, and coach, who helps individuals and organizations thrive through reclaimed lives.

Bill likes to say that he got his undergraduate degree in Life 101 being a practicing alcoholic. (He wrecked twelve cars and totaled six of those…) Bill then got his masters degree from the University of Harmony, an alcohol and drug treatment center. Thirty years later, after being helped and helping hundreds of men and women in their recovery process, Bill has developed a unique skill in working with people and organizations.

Bill has also been a catalyst for rapid turnaround and the restoration of profit in small to medium sized businesses. Bill specializes in creating and implementing simple solutions for complex problems. He recently helped a thirty-five year old family owned business increase their previous best year pretax profit by a factor of seven. Bill built a successful rental car company franchise from startup to a fifty-four car fleet in ten months. He was the keynote speaker at the rental car company’s national convention. His three year stint in the United States Marine Corps and thirteen months in Vietnam contributed to his “can do” attitude and his gratitude for a life well lived - with a little time out for bad behavior.

Bill is a graduate of Alan Weiss’s Million Dollar Consulting College, and an inductee into The Million Dollar Consultant Hall of Fame, a rare honor, which has only thirty-six members worldwide.

Bill has been a volunteer facilitator at an alcoholic and drug outpatient treatment center, facilitating men’s groups and couple’s groups.

Bill has created and facilitates workshops and retreats that have profound positive outcomes for individuals and organizations such as, How to Build Your Private Therapy Practice, Healing the Healers, and The Leadership Team Retreats. Revenues increase dramatically, stress is eliminated or reduced, and their patient/client outcomes increase exponentially.

Bill loves boxing but never learned to love the getting hit part, so he does not spar anymore. His boxing coach said he thought Bill could be champ in “The Fossil Division”. Bill decided not to pursue that.

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