Case Study: A Personal Journey

The Client

Bill C., a young, hard charging executive with a wife and two young children, was in position to eventually take over the company as CEO. The company had a 20-year success record. Bill had spent the previous three years holding several key management jobs in preparation for this advancement. He attended a five-week intensive residential program to ground him in the business basics needed to step in.

The Need

The client had a growing, severe alcohol dependency. Over the course of 10 years, he wrecked 12 cars and totaled six of those. His family life was practically nonexistent. Bill began to slip at work. He was still the first one in at work and the last one to leave, but he could not seem to get it all done. The CEO began to notice the missed deadlines and the sloppy work.

Bill could not figure out what was wrong. He thought drinking was the antidote to all the stress, responsibilities, expectations, and problems. He didn't suspect it was the root of his downward spiral. In fact, Bill was living two lives: the one described above, and that of the drinker. In order to achieve his dreams of success he had to address the alcohol problem.

The Solution (a man named Joe)

Joe was a new employee reporting to Bill. They didn't know each other very well. Joe's first step was to build trust by being a good listener. Bill had not been able to talk to anyone about the insanity he was living in; the effort it took to live two lives, the bar drinker that did things that shocked his fairhaired, successful, hard charger persona the next day. Joe shared his own story with Bill, which helped Bill see how alcoholism had affected his life. Bill was relieved to learn that the reason he had so many problems resulting in all that stress was that he drank so much.

Bill's trust built rapidly, allowing Joe to help Bill co-author a rapid solution including enrolling is a 28-day residential treatment program. Joe handled all the details including communicating with the treatment facility and arranging for an immediate alcohol assessment with a psychiatrist specializing in alcohol dependency.

Joe also communicated with the CEO of Bill's company and with his family. After the completion of the treatment program, Bill and Joe coauthored a long-term support system that also allowed bill to re-create his family and his career successfully.

The Result

On the business side, He started and built a successful rental car company becoming the fastest growing franchise in the U.S. in only 10 months. He was the keynote speaker at the company's national convention. He sold this business to his partner. Bill then created a company to help businesses that were in trouble or wanted to go to the next level.

Today, 32 years later, Bill has a life that is indescribably wonderful. He has worked with hundreds of men and women with alcohol and drug dependencies in their recovery. He decided to make helping men and women re-create their lives the focus of his life, just as his advisor had helped him. Today Bill is a trusted advisor to CEOs and top executives with alcohol and drug dependencies. He is (I am) the author of this case study. Bill then built a company that allowed him to spend 35 to 40 hours per week working with people in their recovery process.

Post Script

One year after turning his life around, Joe, the man who helped Bill, returned to drinking and drugging. Three years later, Bill became his mentor. Today, Joe has been recovered from his alcohol and drug addiction for close to three decades.

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