Confidential Help for Top Executives
with Alcohol and Drug Problems

The crash of the four by four wood post coming through the windshield must have been what woke me up, after passing out at 11:00 PM at night, while driving south from one of my favorite bars in a neighboring town. The last thing I remember is seeing the barricade that had been there for many years, but was no longer.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), the road was empty of traffic, including the men in blue. So, I drove off. I took the car back to the GM dealership, hid it in the body shop bull pen and grabbed the keys off my desk to a brand new vehicle. You see, I wasn't through drinking yet, and the bars were still open.

I wrecked a total of twelve cars in my drinking career, totaling six of those.

Fast forward a couple years. I was in a treatment center, knowing that perhaps I had a problem with alcohol, when I had an epiphany: in a weeks time I went from believing that the reason I drank so much was because I had all these problems, to absolutely knowing that the reason I had all these problems, was because I drank so much. Recovery began.

If you think you might have a problem, automatically you may say to yourself, "yes, but I didn't wreck any cars, so I'm not that bad ". That may be true. However, normal people don't even wonder whether they have a problem or not. It's not always about what you did, as it is about how you feel.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  1. Does alcohol interfere in any way with any area of my life (family, relationships, hobbies, work, physically, emotionally, spiritually)?
  2. Does anyone comment on my drinking?
  3. Has my world gotten smaller?
  4. Do I have trouble remembering what happened last night while drinking?
  5. Have I on occasion, become someone I don't know anymore?
  6. Do I feel that my drinking has increased (either frequency or amount)?

Social drinking can lead to heavy drinking to dependency to alcoholism. Alcoholism is a progressive disease. If I continue to drink, it always gets worse, never better. This type of drinking can lead to incompetence at work, missed days, strained relationships, health issues, DUI's, hospitalization, jail, injuries or death in extreme cases.

You may be thinking, yes, I may have a problem; but do I have to stop drinking altogether? Do I have to be stupid, boring and glum; like those people who don't drink? Great questions...

Today my life is indescribably wonderful. My family came back together. I became a good husband and a good father I was very successful working for other people. I built a successful business and sold it, took up skiing, golf. I took up boxing at age 58. My boxing coach said I could be the champ of my division, "the fossil division." I decided not to pursue that.

I made amends to everyone I harmed. My life is full, rich and rewarding today in all areas: business, family, friends, and in my community.

I have stopped the cycle of destructiveness, and instead I now cause a ripple effect of healing and good, wherever I go, and whomever I come in contact with. I no longer experience that horrible loneliness that only an alcoholic understands.

In the last three decades. I have had the honor of working with hundreds and hundreds of people, helping them walk the path to a new life, as others did for me.

I know myself, I like myself, and there is no one I would rather be than me.

There Are Solutions

Some of the solutions available include residential treatment centers, outpatient treatment, programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, or one-onone counseling with a trusted advisor. Perhaps you have a friend, relative or business associate that has experience with a recovery process. Many businesses offer confidential counseling through Employee Assistance Programs.

If you want more anonymity you can speak to your family physician or a therapist. There are also 12 step programs that will insure your anonymity. The best solution may be an independent consultant or executive coach who has expertise in this field along with a business background.

There are many solutions. There is a way out. There is hope.

You don't have to do this alone anymore.

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