Case Study: I Need Help

The Client

Joe was 31 years old, born, raised and living in Southern California, trying to keep his life together. He was unable to hold a regular job. His friends did not trust his reactions at any given moment and he could not maintain intimate relationships. His parents gave up and asked him to leave. His mom bought him a one-way ticket to Colorado to stay with his cousin. Hopefully she could help him with his drinking and drugging problem.

The Need

Joe eventually connected with a psychiatrist who referred him to a 28-day residential treatment center. He completed the program, attended support meetings and got a job in the retail business. However, Joe continued to struggle. He needed connection with someone who could help him on a daily basis. In spite of all this Joe was able to help someone else. A man named Bill was at the end of his rope and desperate to find out what was wrong with him. Joe was Bill's answer and he actually saved Bill's life. Bill went to an alcohol and drug residential treatment facility, followed that up with a support group, and recovered.

However, Joe could not hang on. He returned to alcohol and drugs. Three and a half years later, Joe made a decision to kill himself or get sober.

The Solution

Joe showed up at Bill's house and said, "I need help." Bill and Joe talked late into the night. Bill shared what he had done and what he had learned.

Joe learned from Bill. He saw how Bill was able to stay sober and keep getting better and how important it was to become a part of these peoples' lives. That night they spent time reviewing Joe's past. Joe had found a safe place and could share all the horrible things that he had done and that others had done to him. Bill stressed the importance of getting rid of secrets, because they can kill you. Joe spent the night on Bill's couch. Finally, he was connected with someone. He found someone he could trust and leaned into the recovery process,using Bill as his mentor.

Bill and Joe walked together through a proven process. This was the beginning of Bill's journey to formulate his own brand of 'recovery' and 'releasing' methodologies. Trust is the foundation that this recovery structure is built upon.

The Result

Joe recovered and created a life that is rich, full, meaningful and purposeful. He went on to help others, created a family, and healed all of his old relationships, including his parents and siblings. Joe has become the leader in his family and his community.

He returned to school and became accredited in his chosen field, developed his concepts, and pursued his passion. Copyright by Corbett Business Consulting, LLC. Joe is a cofounder, owner and CEO of a very successful business that has clients throughout the United States. He is well respected, honored and loved by all he meets. Joe and his wife Donna have 3 adult children and two grandchildren.

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