Do I Even Have A Problem?

Visitors often come to this website because of a recent "event" related to drinking and/or drugging that created a sense of urgency. Others have grown weary of trying to figure out exactly what is happening to them and they just want answers. Some people aren't sure if they have a problem. We can help you resolve all of the above rapidly and confidentially, so you can live the life you've always dreamed of.

Drinking and/or drugging alters your thinking which can cause you to have trouble differentiating truth from falsehood. Alcohol and drug dependent people begin to believe that the life they are leading is normal, when in fact, their world (and possibly your world) is becoming smaller and smaller because of their dysfunctional behaviors.

"Normal" people never wonder if they have a problem with drinking and/or drugging. If you feel that you need help or are not sure if you have a problem, take the following self-assessment. In exchange for a few minutes of your time, you will gain valuable insight into your relationship to drinking.

We welcome you to take our self assessment to obtain an honest answer to the question, "Do I even have an alcohol or drug problem?"

Authoring Your Future

"Interestingly, and against our own and much of the public's perception, alcoholics are bright and dynamic people. Those of us who embrace our capacities and express them well in the business world, who are also bridled with the disease of living with alcoholism, (our relationship with alcohol and drugs to cause us to be ill at ease and thus dis-eased), find ourselves in a sort of double bind. In one sense, we are thoroughbreds, born and trained to run at full speed, yet the disease we are yoked to absolutely and comprehensively holds us back. It's like trying to run the Kentucky Derby, while dragging a barge-sized sled."
Chris M. PhD. Entrepreneur

Re-Create Your Future As You:

  • Re-gain hope
  • Realize what the problem is, implement the solution and see rapid results
  • Re-define your core values
  • Retain and improve your ability to be successful in your business
  • Restore relationships that add value to your life
  • Regain the love, trust and respect of your family and friends

Today is a great day to begin re-creating your future. The first step is the hardest, but you have already started the process when you visited this website. Rapid change is possible. Remember this when you are deciding to call: We can do together what you can't do alone.

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