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  1. Telephone Conversation
    Call 1-970-481-5976 for a confidential conversation with Bill Corbett to get answers to any questions you have. I will provide a non-disclosure agreement if you wish. This is a free call with no time limits. We will discuss options and the next steps that are best for you.
  2. Face To Face Visit
    We will spend one to two days together at a mutually agreed upon location. We will assess the progression of your dependence on alcohol and drugs and the collateral damage in your life including family, business and other relationships. Together we will co-author the next steps that are best for you.
  3. Mentor/Coaching options
    The Mentor/ Coaching programs are customized to fit your needs and desires. These programs are ideal for someone newly clean and sober, and even for those who are not ready to quit drinking/drugging but just want to talk to someone.
    "Bill's patience, guidance, humor, and open-mindedness and understanding results in a safe environment for processing learning and productivity."

    Kathleen K. Retired

    I also mentor many people that have been clean and sober for a considerable length of time. We will do what is best for you.

    Some examples are:

    • Unlimited access by telephone, e-mail, fax or in person when convenient for both of us for six months.
    • A more directed relationship includes scheduled phone meetings, weekly goals, benchmarks, and high accountability.
    • Total immersion includes a two-day comprehensive meeting at a mutually agreed upon place. We will co-author a strategic formulation, breakthrough walls of old beliefs, create a recovery plan, have high accountability, and then you enter the Mentor program for 6 months.
  4. The Sabbatical Solution
    Bill will discuss this unique and proprietary solution with you. It was developed for our clients to provide strict confidentiality. It insures your privacy while accomplishing your best treatment solution.
  5. Transition Support
    I will provide the expertise in dealing with all the key people in your business and family. You and I will co-author the very best solution to ensure your well-being and your future.
"After working with Bill, hope entered in my realm of reality that an alcoholic such as me could actually live a so-called normal life. Bill assured me I would be recovered from my disease, if I was willing to follow the simple program he led me through."

Gale D. Student of the World

For Groups

Speaking: Call to schedule presentations for HR and EAP associations, CEO organizations, Boards of Directors, family members and other groups interested in CEOs and top executives who have problems with addiction and/or dependence on alcohol and drugs.

Call 1-970-481-5976 for a confidential conversation with Bill Corbett. Bill will answer any questions you have and determine the next right steps to take that are best for the addicted/dependent person and for you.


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