"Bill Helped me challenge my priorities, rearrange them, and in so doing, helped make my life not just more efficient but also more dynamic as a result."
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Chris M. PhD. Entrepreneur
"My life has been completely reborn in the last two years I have known Bill Corbett. The principles he teaches and the way he practices them in his life, have shown me a way to live personally and professionally that I could never have dreamed."   read full testimonial

Eric S. Executive, Banking
"Not a day goes by that I don't find myself using and sharing the lessons that I have learned from Bill."   read full testimonial

Rich C. Real Estate Entrepreneur
"In my professional life as a C. P. A. and a CFO, I'd enjoyed success but sensed there should be more. In working with Bill I began to realize there was indeed more."   read full testimonial

Jim S. Co-Founder, CFO
"For CEOs and leaders who have a desire to recover from alcoholism or other addictions, I highly recommend that you suspend any preconceptions prior to investigation. I found the impact of Bill's help to be exceptional and believe you will too."   read full testimonial

Doug L. Company Founder
"Because of Bill's commitment and passion to help me I now have the life I could have only dreamed of in my early days. I have been sober for 27 years; enjoy my wonderful family and a world of great friends. I co-founded and run a very successful business."   read full testimonial

Joe E. President and Co-Founder
"Anyone who works with Bill Corbett on their life's journey will have their lived transformed and given a new meaning, purpose, and direction that transcends the imagination. He demonstrated by personal example all of the things that he taught me. Possibly his greatest gift is in his ability to work with others in a way that not only paints a clear picture but also creates a roadmap to achieve a person's goals and dreams."   read full testimonial

Scott L. Founder and President
"Bill's patience, guidance, humor, and open-mindedness and understanding results in a safe environment for processing learning and productivity."
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Kathleen K. Retired
"I believe his way of life and the principles he lives by will bless all who are fortunate enough to meet him and will forever change their lives and hearts." read full testimonial

Rick B. Real Estate Entrepreneur
"Bill Corbett's guidance has had a direct and lasting impact in my business as well as my personal life."   read full testimonial

Barton C. VP Sales
"After working with Bill, hope entered in my realm of reality that an alcoholic such as me could actually live a so-called normal life. Bill assured me I would be recovered from my disease, if I was willing to follow the simple program he led me through."   read full testimonial

Gale D. Student of the World
"It wasn't until I came to Bill with my own struggles with alcohol that I became fully aware of all his quality characteristics. Through him, I have found a safe place to partake in my quest to a life free of problems relating to alcohol."
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Kari B. Assistant to the CEO


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