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Let value drive pricing conversations

If you own or operate an addiction treatment center, chances are that you've entered into the business based on your own conviction about how important it is to offer a program that promises real help-the potential of freedom-for those who suffer damaging addictions. Your mission is compassionate: You want that individual in treatment; you want to heal his or her pain. In your heart, you know that your mission is right because it's never about the money; it's about the life you can save. read more


How the "value-driven conversation" drives profitability

Explaining exactly what happens in the process of what Bill Corbett (Corbett Business Consulting, Loveland, Colo.) calls a "value-driven conversation" is a bit difficult. But the impact of this conversation on revenues at Jaywalker Lodge in Carbondale, Colo. has been crystal clear.   read more

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