Individual Transformation

Creating the Life You Want Now

"If You Don’t Like The Story of Your Life...Talk To The Author"®

Corbett Business Consulting’s customized life-coaching focuses on helping you achieve leadership and personal excellence while creating the holistic life you dream of...starting today.

Although people talk about their business and personal lives as if they are separate, in reality we have only one life. Whether you work in a business you own, or for someone else, you are the author of your life. I teach you how to internalize, create and embrace your innate ability and strength. Using my proprietary processes, we rapidly create the life you want now by building a trusting partnership.

"My life has been completely reborn in the last two years I have known Bill Corbett. The principles he teaches and the way he practices them in his life, have shown me a way to live personally and professionally that I could never have dreamed."
Eric Sanders Executive, Banking

We meet for one-on-one sessions at agreed upon times, either face to face or via phone. All sessions are 90-minutes. You and I co-author the frequency of our partnering sessions. Generally, our first session will determine if we are a good fit together.

Our unique process is designed to help you rapidly learn to work and play only on those things you are passionate about, 80-85% of the time. One of my clients saw his revenues and profitability increase dramatically once he started spending eighty-five percent of his time doing only what he is passionate about. In addition, his employees’ stress levels were reduced, as were his own.

"Anyone who works with Bill Corbett on their life's journey will have their lived transformed and given a new meaning, purpose, and direction that transcends the imagination. He demonstrated by personal example all of the things that he taught me. Possibly his greatest gift is in his ability to work with others in a way that not only paints a clear picture but also creates a roadmap to achieve a person's goals and dreams."
Scott Larrabee Founder and President

Contact Bill directly to schedule a complementary introductory conversation to see if he would be the right person to partner with you to direct or re-direct the story of your life. Call 970-481-5976, or e-mail

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