Team Excellence

Creating Mastery in People and Teams

Corbett Business Consulting's workshops and retreats enable our clients to rapidly increase their revenue and profitability by dramatically improving productivity and enhancing their organizational culture. Individual and organizational excellence result from our focus on addressing both sets of needs; and from our customized, proprietary programs.

All of us are more than we seem, and all of us are more than we know. Bill Corbett excels at discovering, nurturing and creating Inside-champions. These are people who may not know how good they are, or how great they can become. As a result, we meet people where they are, not where we are, or where we think they should be, and help them discover their talents. Through our proprietary processes, we partner with each individual to clearly articulate his/her challenges, identify ways to overcome them, set priorities, and co-create a plan to rapidly achieve the desired outcomes. Our process insures everyone is heard at a deep level.

"The ability to gather a multidisciplinary group of health care providers together and provide a safe environment for their personal growth is a rare talent that Bill Corbett has perfected. The work I completed at his Heal the Healers Retreat has allowed me to identify several very positive changes I can make to improve my personal well-being, family life, and work experience."

In addition to working with individuals, we also work with teams, departments, and entire organizations. Our process has been honed by over thirty years of experience in finding the "truth" and the appropriate solutions to our clients' challenges. It is customized so we can address the source of the problem rather than offering a band-aid to mitigate its symptoms. We accurately clarify the reasons for the dysfunctions so we can identify and help implement the correct remedies.

Our principle-based proprietary solutions enable our client organizations to become healthy systemic workplaces that reflect their core values. We have found that principle-based organizations attract the best like-minded person, which ensures accountability, innovation, and rapid and positive growth.

"As CEO, quarterly retreats with Bill Corbett allow me to reconnect with my team at a deep and meaningful level - both as leaders and as human beings. Bill is a skilled facilitator with a keen sense of how to navigate the complex intersection of business strategy and human emotion. In our case, building a high level of trust among our directors - and truly functioning as a team - has dramatically increased our company's profitability."
Bob Ferguson Founder and CEO
Jaywalker Lodge, LLC
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