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Interestingly, and against our own and much of the public's perception, alcoholics are bright and dynamic people. Those of us who embrace our capacities and express them well in the business world, who are also bridled with the disease of living with alcoholism (our relationship with alcohol and drugs to cause us to be ill-at-ease and thus dis-eased), find ourselves in a sort of double bind. In one sense, we are thoroughbreds, born and trained to run at full speed, yet the disease we are yoked to absolutely and comprehensively holds us back. It's like trying to run the Kentucky Derby, while dragging a barge-size sled. We can live free of this. Recovery is possible.

The dynamics within the human condition that cause alcoholism and, I suppose, drug addiction, can be hugely detrimental if left unchecked. They can also, if the knowledge and channeled correctly, help those who possess them to be the most effective at manifesting the great worth in their own and others' lives. Surprisingly, as Bill so aptly helped me understand, alcoholics are actually quite gifted, yet we are also equally adroit at focusing on all the aspects of ourselves that, ultimately, hold us back. When we allow ourselves to be correctly focused, amazing things happen. Bill is masterful at helping dynamic people, many of whom maintain multi foci, to clarify them, align them harmoniously, and then utilize our energies toward their realization.

I came to Bill Corbett already living in recovery. I had long before ceased partaking of the substances that harness me to that sled, yet I found that much of the 'drag' remained. What Bill did for me, mostly by being so transparent about the aspects of himself that were holding him back and then telling of how he was positively dealing with those challenges, allowed me to find the tools for freedom unique to my own challenges. Bill helped me see that the chemicals I was using, ostensibly to enhance my creativity as well as improve my ability to interact socially--- alcohol, after all, is the great social lubricant--- were really only external manifestations of underlying challenges that, once acknowledged and concerted efforts made to overcome them, allowed me to accomplish long sought-after goals that had previously eluded me.

Bill is a living testament to his own brand of 'recovery' and 'releasing' methodologies. I have used them and they work. I trust him, his heart, his passion, his clarity, and his character implicitly. Bill helped me find ways to accomplish goals by living life differently than I have lived in before knowing him. He helped me to position the goals in a different light and place them in context in a manner that made them easier to achieve. Bill also, more importantly, help me challenge my priorities, rearrange them, and in so doing, helped make my life not just more efficient, but also more dynamic as a result.

Chris M., PhD., Entrepreneur   [return to main testimonial page]

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