A Few Testimonials...

To some, the term "recovered alcoholic" seems like a fallacy, impossibility, and absurdity. As I have to admit, through my own addiction recovery process, I gave a little thought as to whether I would ever be recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of body and mind. I muddled through years of being a dry drunk, but I was still a drunk. I thought like a drunk. My behaviors hadn't changed much since I put the bottle down. I was, for the most part, still pretty disease stricken.

After working with Bill, hope entered in my realm of reality that an alcoholic such as me could actually live a so-called normal life. Bill assured me that I would be recovered from my disease, if I was willing to follow the simple program he led me through. As I made a commitment to pursue this course of action I began to change, I began to grow. I could feel an internal growth and strength in the months that followed. As this developed within, I was afraid that it would leave, that I may revert to my old self. I began to love whom I was growing into and I didn't want her to leave. Bill reassured me that the person who I was seeing was the real me. That we had discovered and got rid of what was covering the internal, the truth of who I am.

Bill's insight and knowledge are remarkable. He has a warm and inviting personality with a real desire to help others, who are still suffering from their afflictions, be recovered. His sense of humor brings a spark that helps break tension and helps others not take things too seriously. Yes, I now believe, with a little help from my friend Bill that I can be recovered from this disease.

Gale D., Student of the World   [return to main testimonial page]

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