"Bill Corbett embodies all that a consultant can be. He brings insight and years of experience and most importantly he is patient, understanding and compassionate. Bill takes time to understand what is really going on and uses that insight to help. I know a few other people who have worked with Bill and they all say the same thing, “he is as good as it gets.” I recommend Bill and his services without hesitation."
Ben Cort CeDAR
"Thanks for everything you do - so much more than you realize! You touch lives in subtle, powerful ways!"
Liz Daeninck MS, RD, UCH
Coordinator of Nutrition and Fitness
"It was great to have the opportunity to gather with some of my colleagues outside of our workplace, to hear a bit about what others are doing in their respective departments, and to enjoy such a beautiful setting...I felt very cared for by CeDAR."
Leta Herrington
"Bill Corbett has a unique ability to earn the respect and trust of recovering individuals. He seems to be able to lead the leaders thus he has affected many people in the addiction recovery movement and persons in the field of chemical dependency. I have learned a lot from him and I am a better person from his impact on my life."
Michael Dinneen LCSW, CACIII, CSAT ATeam Leader- REC
University of Colorado Hospital
"In such a demanding field, both with our time and spirit, trying to find time to connect can be daunting task. We try to catch up with each other two minutes before a meeting, or walking to the next group, sometimes not at all if you are on different shift or in another building. So it was nice to fellowship outside of the work place. I have been to numerous work retreats that were focused more on gaining action plans, "widgets" or slogans for next year's planning committee. But this retreat was different. It was focused on us as helpers and healers - teaching (or reminding) us what strategies we need to use our talents in a growing business and gain insight to bring out the best in us. I have used the hot spot diagram when I get unsatisfied with my workload and found it helps refocus my passion (and set healthy boundaries). Because the groups were small, we really had time to learn about each other and I notice as I return to work, I have found that the genuine smiles, inside jokes, and supportive comments are able to fuel me through tough days. I knew I worked with a great group of people prior to attending the retreat, now I feel like I am part of something bigger - a work family! "
LaTisha Bader
"Bill, I can't begin to express how much I got out of the retreat; but I think the most important thing I got out of the retreat was a better understanding of each of the departments and their own personal challenges. I really got a better and deeper understanding of the Admissions Team and the Family Services Team and was amaze at how my challenges are the same across the board. We truly are doing SO MUCH with so LITTLE staffing and it's amazing that CeDAR doesn't reflect the challenges but only the successes to our clientele. Thank you so much for hosting this and leading it, it meant a lot to me and my team."
Heather Lister Alumni Recovery Support Services
"Bill Corbett embodies all that a consultant can be. He brings insight and years of experience and most importantly he is patient, understanding and compassionate. He has the ability to look in from an objective place; but Bill doesn't stop there, he takes time to understand what is really going on and uses that insight to help. I know that Bill is selective about who he works with and am proud that we are a part of that group. I know a few other people who have worked with Bill and they all say the same thing, "he is as good as it gets." I recommend him and his services without hesitation."
Ben Cort CeDAR
University of Colorado Hospital
"Healing the Healers" facilitated by Bill Corbett was a wonderful opportunity to bond with staff outside of CeDAR. Bill Corbett'S knowledge of business incorporated with his passion for recovery and the fellowship flowed through his presentation, along with his own personal insights gained through living the walk. My only regret was that the retreat didn't last long enough. I along with many others felt sad to leave but reenergized for our continue journeys in recovery and at CeDAR. Thank you Bill."
Debby Zuniga BS CAC III CeDAR
"I went into the Healing the Healers retreat not knowing what to expect since I don't have direct patient contact; I'm not a counselor or medical staff. What I received was fellowship with my co-workers, a truly receptive soul in Bill, and realization of the gifts that I offer my work and home. Thank you Bill, for creating such an honest and welcoming environment for us to explore ourselves."
Veronica Marketing Assistant
"The ability to gather a multidisciplinary group of health care providers together and provide a safe environment for their personal growth is a rare talent that Bill Corbett has perfected. The work I completed at his Heal the Healers Retreat has allowed me to identify several very positive changes I can make to improve my personal well-being, family life, and work experience. Thank you Mr. Corbett."
Anonymous Psychiatrist
"I cannot speak highly enough of my experience at the Healing the Healers Workshop. Bill was compassionate, honest and supportive of our process. I particularly appreciated how he tied the 12 Step Process into the workshop. I felt as though I was able to share honestly and openly about my work, peers and most importantly myself and learn about all three in a way that will be very beneficial to my career and more importantly, my life. Thank you very much Bill and continued success in bringing this to other addiction professionals."
Paul L. Scudo Recovery Support Specialist
CeDAR - Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation
University of Colorado Hospital
"I came to the Healing the Healers retreat with an open-mind and I'm glad I did. The retreat refreshed the very thought I had when I first accepted my position at CeDAR which was just how blessed and honored I was to be working at such an exceptional facility with an exceptional team and with exceptional leadership. Having only been at CeDAR for three months I became lost in trying to impress and perform, momentarily losing sight of why I followed this path in the first place.the patients. I appreciate the way you helped us heal ourselves and each other just a little bit more. I came away with a rejuvenated spirit and a renewed sense of dedication to serve myself, and knowing that with better self-service I am rewarded with more meaningful service to others."
Oyen Hoffman, MA, LAC, MFTc, NCAC II, BRI 1 Addiction Case Manager
"Thank you so much the Healing the Healers workshop. It was awesome! Your ability to create safety for us is a true gift."
Lois Porcelain, CACIII, LADC Lodge Program Director
Jaywalker Lodge, LLC
"In twenty five years of counseling I've never heard of nor participated in any workshop like Healing the Healers with Bill Corbett. I have been privileged to be a part of many workshops that presented terrific material and strategies for helping clients. But what about the helpers? Seldom do I even hear the topic of self-care discussed among counselors. Its no wonder the treatment field has a high rate of burnout. I'd recommend Healing the Healers retreat to any treatment provider interested in building and maintaining a healthy clinical staff. Bill Corbett has many years of recovery and business experience but also brings the intangible ability to create "safe space" where healers can let go of external expectations and begin to rediscover the resources needed to be healed themselves. Healing the Healers is about the "heart work," and Bill Corbett is a master at it. "
Kim Nuzzo Senior Lodge Counselor
Jaywalker Lodge, LLC
"Healing the Healers was a positive and powerful experience that touched my soul. This process made me take a good look at myself and the areas in my life that I need to work on. This was truly a healing experience. Thank you Bill."
Michael J Moreland, CACII/IOP Counselor Residential Manager
Jaywalker Lodge, LLC
"Last night, I found myself reflecting on the experience with gratitude and a renewed sense of honoring my soul. Bill, thank you for your presence as you guided us through the process."
Jacquie Wheeler, MA, LPC, CAC III Solutions Senior Counselor
Jaywalker Lodge, LLC
"The primary purpose of this workshop was to show those who give so much of themselves, how to practice self-care and achieve the elusive life balance. We learned to identify obstacles, limiting-beliefs, and frustrations, which cause us to operate at less than optimal capacity and co-authored a customized plan for healthy self-care and Holistic healing.

The workshop was created and facilitated by Bill Corbett. Bill created a trust-centered safe space for the attendees to honestly share their experience and concerns as caregivers, and cooperatively develop solutions for living a "balanced and fulfilling life." The program is steeped in mindfulness practice and meditation, ideas for creating sacred space at both home and office, and strategies for prioritizing our passions and purpose so we can find our true 'Heart Path.'

We learned to practice unconditional self-love, trust in our Higher Power, live in gratitude, and develop and use our supporting networks. Maintaining our health and serenity as care givers is an essential part of our continued growth and development and ensures our availability to be of service to others. "
Mark Kloster Alumni Coordinator
Jaywalker Lodge, LLC
"We now have a greater sense of our own value, because of partnering with Bill. Bill identified that we were discounting the value of our services and our process way too often. Not only did eliminating discounts and scholarships help us immensely on the bottom line, we started to view our services internally with more confidence. As important as it was to recoup those lost dollars at the bottom line, it was equally or more important to believe in ourselves at that level."
Bob Ferguson Founder and CEO
Jaywalker Lodge, LLC
"Bill Helped me challenge my priorities, rearrange them, and in so doing, helped make my life not just more efficient but also more dynamic as a result."
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Chris M. PhD. Entrepreneur
"My life has been completely reborn in the last two years I have known Bill Corbett. The principles he teaches and the way he practices them in his life, have shown me a way to live personally and professionally that I could never have dreamed."   read full testimonial
Eric S. Executive, Banking
"Not a day goes by that I don't find myself using and sharing the lessons that I have learned from Bill."   read full testimonial
Rich C. Real Estate Entrepreneur
"In my professional life as a C. P. A. and a CFO, I'd enjoyed success but sensed there should be more. In working with Bill I began to realize there was indeed more."   read full testimonial
Jim S. Co-Founder, CFO
"For CEOs and leaders who have a desire to recover from alcoholism or other addictions, I highly recommend that you suspend any preconceptions prior to investigation. I found the impact of Bill's help to be exceptional and believe you will too."   read full testimonial
Doug L. Company Founder
"Because of Bill's commitment and passion to help me I now have the life I could have only dreamed of in my early days. I have been sober for 27 years; enjoy my wonderful family and a world of great friends. I co-founded and run a very successful business."   read full testimonial
Joe E. President and Co-Founder
"Anyone who works with Bill Corbett on their life's journey will have their lived transformed and given a new meaning, purpose, and direction that transcends the imagination. He demonstrated by personal example all of the things that he taught me. Possibly his greatest gift is in his ability to work with others in a way that not only paints a clear picture but also creates a roadmap to achieve a person's goals and dreams."   read full testimonial
Scott L. Founder and President
"Bill's patience, guidance, humor, and open-mindedness and understanding results in a safe environment for processing learning and productivity."
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Kathleen K. Retired
"I believe his way of life and the principles he lives by will bless all who are fortunate enough to meet him and will forever change their lives and hearts." read full testimonial
Rick B. Real Estate Entrepreneur
"Bill Corbett's guidance has had a direct and lasting impact in my business as well as my personal life."   read full testimonial
Barton C. VP Sales
"After working with Bill, hope entered in my realm of reality that an alcoholic such as me could actually live a so-called normal life. Bill assured me I would be recovered from my disease, if I was willing to follow the simple program he led me through."   read full testimonial
Gale D. Student of the World
"It wasn't until I came to Bill with my own struggles with alcohol that I became fully aware of all his quality characteristics. Through him, I have found a safe place to partake in my quest to a life free of problems relating to alcohol."
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Kari B. Assistant to the CEO


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