A Few Testimonials...

In my professional life as a CPA and a financial Officer, I've enjoyed success but sensed there should be more. In working with Bill, I began to realize there was indeed much more.

Therefore, I was pleased when Bill asked me to offer my thoughts and words on how my work with him benefited my recovery. I began by thinking about the attributes I would use to describe him: trustworthy, wise, discerning, motivating, supportive, and nonjudgmental, all that and more.

Like many of us, I learned to be self-sufficient, to look for the helping hand at the end of my own arm. I also learned that in life, there are times that self-sufficiency is not enough. If that is where you are in life, Bill can help, if you're willing to do your part.

Most of us, including me, have encountered barriers to our continued growth and development that we need to overcome before we can move on with life. Overcoming my barriers was complicated by a deep suspicion and distrust of others and my tendency to keep them at arms-length in all things emotional. Accordingly, Bill had to first gain my trust before we could begin our work.

In Bill, I found a wise counselor who provided appropriate direction and guidance for my path to recovery. His insights and suggestions helped me to overcome the barriers to developing a life that's more transparent, honest, and satisfying.

His discerning approach has been invaluable in helping me understand my underlying problems and issues I needed to deal with. Through our coaching sessions, his nonjudgmental style has enabled me to become comfortable in discussing the problem areas in my life.

A supportive coach, we have periodic contact to check my progress, to keep my growth going in the right direction, and to help me stay motivated when my efforts lag. I find Bill extremely skillful in suggesting tools to help me discover and discard old ways of responding to people and situations and then to develop the new responses I need to optimize my personal growth and recovery.

Jim S., Co-Founder and CFO   [return to main testimonial page]

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