A Few Testimonials...

I learned a lot about Bill as a professional while he was consulting a company I worked for. He had the ability to align each employee's strengths and make our companies vision a reality. He is a person of integrity, compassion and knowledge. I believe that I have been given a tuition free education; with the many "lessons", he had taught me. I feel very fortunate to have had the experience of working professionally with Bill.

It wasn't until the day I came to bill with my own struggles with alcohol that I became fully aware of all his quality characteristics. Alcohol had been in and out of my life and I believe that I could control it on my own. I realized through failures that I could not. Bill is in altruistic and trustworthy person. Through him, I have found a safe place to partake in my quest to a life free of problems relating to alcohol. I never would have thought that this was possible. However, Bill is living proof of how beautiful it can be. Thank you Bill for all the lessons professionally and personally.

Kari B., Assistant to the CEO   [return to main testimonial page]

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