Trusted Advisor Services

Here are three ways you can work with Bill as a Trusted Advisor:

Private Roster™ Program

Clients benefit immensely from this world-class Private Roster Program. Bill combines his thirty-plus years of business experience, with over thirty years working with individuals and groups to achieve their business and personal goals.

Executive Coaching Program

The executive coaching program is designed to help you rapidly achieve new levels as the leader of your organization, and to allow you to work only on those things you are passionate about, both in your work and personal pursuits.

Organizational Mentoring Program

This unique program will align all the key people in your organization to create a lean and mean organization that empowers you and your staff to crystallize your vision, clarifiy the steps to success and implementation to rapidly achieve your strategic objective.

"Bill has the heart of a social worker and the mind of a CPA. He lives with one foot in the real world and his head in the stars. He's a dreamer and believes in miracles. He is absolutely indispensable because of his own personal experience that brings so much. That is where I recommend him most strongly."

Bob Ferguson Founder and CEO
Jaywalker Lodge, LLC
"My business has become more profitable from Bill's teachings. I now run my business on principles, philosophy, and not the next great sales technique. Year-to-date profitability has gone up over 65% with sales volume going down 10%. My life has been reborn since I have known Bill Corbett. The principles he teaches and the way he practices them in his life, has shown me a way to live personally and professionally that is so much beyond what I could have dreamed."

Eric S. Banking Executive
"Bill is masterful at helping dynamic people, many of whom multi foci, to clarify them, align them harmoniously, and then utilize our energies toward their realization."

Chris Mahoney, PhD. Entrepreneur
"Bill's greatest gift is his ability to work with others in a way that not only paints a clear picture, but also creates a roadmap to achieve a person's goals and dreams.. He is a man of highest personal integrity and strength of character."

Scott Larrabee Founder and President
Larrabee Furniture
"Bill has revolutionized what we're doing here. Because he knows what he's doing, he's able to get the best out of us. The key words that come to mind when working with Bill, is his gentle spirit. He is an incredible encourager."

Lynn Sanson Expeditions Manager
Jaywalker Lodge, LLC
"Bill became my mentor and coach. He showed me compassion and understanding, helped me develop healthy loving relationships with family, friends and myself. He helped me become emotionally and spiritually healthy, finding the peace I had always been looking for."

Joseph Eisele Co-Founder and President
Inner Balance Health Center
"In my professional life as a CPA and a financial officer, I've enjoyed success but sensed there should be more. Like many of us, I learned to be self-sufficient, to look for the helping hand at the end of my own arm. I also learned that in life, there are times that self-sufficiency is not enough. If that is where you are in life, Bill can help, if you're willing to do your part."

Jim S. Co-Founder and CFO


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