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Organizational Mentoring Program

This unique program will align all the key people in your organization to create a lean and mean organization that empowers you and your staff to crystallize your vision, clarifiy the steps to success and implementation to rapidly achieve your strategic objective.

This program includes membership for the CEO in the Private Roster Mentor Program, which includes a free Mentor Meeting approximately every 9 months, which draws between 70 and 100 participants, and a free monthly newsletter which contains the best of Alan Weiss's thinking on personal and business growth which is sent continually to participants and graduates. You also become a member of, an international destination for professionals and entrepreneurs discussing everything from marketing to politics, and fees to life balance. This is a lifetime membership. You will receive a variety of discounts to learning experiences, be able to form mastermind groups, network, participate in teleconferences, and so forth.

Those interested should have successful businesses, be seeking to proceed to new levels; be desiring reinvention and significant change.

The program is six months and includes scheduled individual and group remote meetings for the CEO and up to four direct reports. In addition to the scheduled meetings, the Organizational Mentoring program includes unlimited access to me by e-mail, phone, fax, regular mail etc., for all participants. The fee for new clients is $18,500 for all five participants for the full six months, The fee is $13,500 for previous and current clients.

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